Meet Me at the Mall, It’s Going Down at Digby’s


Don’t you just pine for an afternoon at the mall: the smell of Axe and Abercrombie, the incessant wails of children, the saggy pants, the slow-moving hand-holders, the doughy feel of gum on the stair rails? You’re right. Me neither. In fact, I’ve got two pairs of unstained office pants left and my underwear’s got holes like a St. Paul street. I still won’t shop.

That was before Digby’s opened up in the Rosedale Shopping Center and brought hefty brews and All-American food stars to the table. I still don’t want to shop … but, if I can drink the hallway surveyors pretty before heading in, I might just stick around long enough to find some new slacks.

Digby's on UrbanspoonThe Basics: You can find Digby’s near the movie theater in the Rosedale Shopping Center. On the web, you can find Digby’s here. It’s a pretty straightforward web site. It’s the product of Plymouth’s Eat Shop, and it popped open March 27.

Digby’s website needs updating. I had a litany of insults lined up for the heinously-priced tall boys and lack of a happy hour, until I went inside and saw tall boys marked down from $5 to $4 – still overpriced, but not heinously so – and they do have a happy hour, and it’s a great happy hour. From 3-6 Mon-Fri, 12-5 Sat and Sun, and 9-close every night: $3 pints (no trash, either), $3 house wines, and a “buddy” is only $3. I didn’t ask.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: Don’t eff with my wife and I when it comes to Final Four brackets. We’re like Batman and Catwoman. My wife filled one out, picking the funniest names to advance and putting no other thought into it, and won two pizzas from Old Chicago. I smoked the other officers in our company’s charitable giving committee and they got to buy me lunch.

Digby’s is technically in the Rosedale mall, but it isn’t really in the mall. See, this mall has a weird extension on its eastern face that kind of connects it to the movie theater. Within this extension is a strip mall/food court on steroids. The spaces aren’t connected inside, so no worries of whiffing the next place’s grub.

Digby’s sticks out with its pure blue awning and Robo-Cop visor shading the door. Inside, an enthusiastic hostess (“There’s sunshine!”) guided us to a table by the front windows (“They pull open!”).

Local artist Adam Turman has a habit of show-stealing, and Digby’s chalk-and-red surfaces barely fight back against his latest mural. It’s his least-raciest work, eschewing the pint-wielding vixens at Butcher and 612 for Bubba the Bull’s Field of Dreams. In sum, if you want to see how far you can get from feeling “at the mall” when you are “at the mall,” check out Digby’s.

We ordered. The Chair and The Brain split a reuben and pretzel sticks. I looked at pizzas and GEE, I WONDER WHICH ONE I ORDERED. PLEASE, JUST CALL ONE “MEATS” SO I CAN DO THIS WITHOUT BRAINS! YES, I’LL TAKE THE MEATS, PLEASE.

The wait was proper, long enough for the two of them to discuss actual business while I stared off into space but not so long that anyone brought up cannibalism. We all had to brush salt off our pretzel sticks, but it’s better to have too much than too little. The cheese sauce is a little garlicky — not in a bad way, it just is. The Brain raved about the ranch, to the point of nearly drinking it straight out of the metal cup.

The Chair (who has reviewed with me before) had this to say about the reuben: “The short rib version was a good twist. The saltiness the short rib brought to the table equally complimented the sweetness of the Thousand Island sauce dripping from the Rye bread.”

I’m still getting used to seeing pizza without red sauce, but it’s growing on me. The crust exceeded the menu hype, and none of the MEATS were rubbery or tough to chew. Bonus points for using sliced sausages instead of those funky, ground-up chunks. I would infinitely recommend MEATS.

The highlight, almost more than the MEATS, was the peanut butter milkshake. It tasted like peanut butter smashed into ice cream — yes, I understand that’s what it was. The others tried it and loved it. I finished it and did not love returning to work.

The only negative I could muster of Digby’s is its location. The first time will be the toughest. You’re not exactly wedged between Icing and Foot Locker, but you are still dodging moviegoers on the way out and pulling your hair out over parking before you head in.

These frustrations are minor and the experience is well worth it. Would I go to the Rosedale mall just for DIgby’s? Yeah. The happy hour shows they’re willing to give Grumpy’s a game for the area’s after-work drinkers, and the food prices are within reason. If there was ever a reason to drag yourself out for new pants, let Digby’s be it — though, you might want to shop for pants after you’ve eaten. I can’t make any promises for your waistline, especially if you’re hungry for MEATS.


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