A Romantic Date Night for the Awesome: Day Block Brewing


Remember back when bacon’s wheels were just beginning to turn? A Baconator sat in everybody’s to-go bag, the state fair had begun selling it on a stick for $5, and I was considered loony-bin fodder for having bacon put in our wedding cake. That you could do more with bacon was suddenly a secret to everyone.

Then, it was no longer a secret. Bacon went public. Bacon became Bakon Vodka (which tastes like grill surface run-off, if you’re wondering). It became bandages. It became an alarm clock app, an ice cream flavor, on and on and on. Spokesmen squawk “Bacon” in commercials incessantly. I won’t jump off a cliff and say “This makes me enjoy bacon less” … but I’ve taken a peek over the edge, I’ll tell ya that much.

Day Block Brewing Company on UrbanspoonIt’s all the more refreshing, then, that spots like Day Block Brewing present to you innovative yet enjoyable servings of bacon. I present to you, the bacon flight: Three types of bacon with varying seasonings and sauces. Paired with a beer flight, or a Carolina BBQ pizza, it’s a satisfying set of experiments.

Moreover, it’s proof the good guys are still out there.

The Basics: Day Block was named best new Brewpub by the Star Tribune this year, and was one of the first to pump fists when the 2018 Super Bowl venue was named — Day Block will be two blocks away from the stadium. You can find their location on their website. Look at that handy map. It even tells you where you can park your bike!

They recently began Pilot Wednesdays, in which they offer three test batches for public review. How neat is that? In addition to bacon and beer flights, Day Block offers pickle flights and cheese flights.

The first time me wife and I drank at Day Block, we hung with the brewers and I motor-boated some hops. This time, we sat next to an inked-up couple who loudly discussed their meth-using friend. I don’t say “inked up” in an artistic way, mind you; they had, essentially, my high school margin doodles permanently writ on their bodies. Also, they had those cute little nose rings I want to grab onto and work like a door-knocker.

The flight bacon comes in cute little cubicle cups, each with a unique sauce. There were three strips per cup — if you’re married, that means one apiece with a third to be bartered for a blowjob or maybe the next dishwasher fill-up at home. The sauces were all a good time, but the soy/Thai peanut was our preferred system of dress.

Pairing bacon flights and beer flights allows you some good ol’ trial and error. There were no bad beers, and there was no bad bacon, but there were certainly … interesting … combos. In the end, The Wit beer and Thai peanut bacon worked together best. As for beer by itself, I champed the Belgian pale ale and my wife chose the porter.

Day Block’s menu isn’t especially deep — salads, sammies, pies, bacon, fin — and that’s a good thing. I’d rather see a few pins kept in the air than a dozen or so on the floor.

Carolina BBQ pizza is reminiscent of Agave Kitchen’s steeburger — and, as you well know, such a comparison is high praise. I wouldn’t touch a cup of coleslaw if there was a $100 bill at the bottom, but on a burger or pizza? CHAAARRRGE!

The dough was foldable, the crust cushy, the toppings plenty. If you really need me to nit-pick at something, the chicken got overwhelmed by its peers on the palate (think it’s got bacon? Of course it’s got bacon!). In all, it was $17 well spent. Service was good on top of it. The tender could’ve mechanically taken our bacon sauces, but insisted we try dipping our pizza crust in them. Little things.

In sum, Day Block is doing it right: killer location, solid roster of beers, a menu that works with it, and bacon done right.

If you want bandages and alarm clocks, go to Walmart. They only carry the real deal here.


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