Radio Recap: January 25


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In the studio, Sarah Meyer guest-hosted and brought The Happy Gnome general Manager Emily Brink and Fulton‘s Ben Flattum along for the ride — and a ride it was. Sarah and the gang discussed Fulton’s new year-round release beer and a couple of new neighbors by Target Field; and looked ahead to The Gnome’s annual Firkin Fest (over 70 firkins this time) and the importance of not being a dick.

What did I contribute? Well, I bought sketchy beer from a sketchy liquor store in a sketchy strip mall … and Ben noticed. We also discussed little person rental. There’s a website for that, you know.


At Teresa’s, Lucid/North Loop head man Jon Messier and I caught everyone up on the transition from Lucid to the North Loop, future plans for the now-acquired American Sky Beer, and what drinkers can expect at Inbound Brewco’s taproom. He also talked about leaving the corporate world behind, and we disagreed on the New England Patriots.

Speaking of, I ran down the NFL, NHL, and NBA scores of relevance and played Sell Me This Game with my favorite Minnesota Rollergirls.

We had two bottles of Duce we were going to drink at Teresa’s, but we never quite got around to it. I’d feel bad about that, but that meant I got to take one home and drink it by myself. I was happy for that. Very high enjoyment level, this beer has.