Slingin’ the Bomb with 3Sheeps Hoppy Spice

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Bomb is copyrighted by Rovio Entertainment, and his photo source is the Angry Birds Wikia.

Here’s the deal: I’m playing Angry Birds when I should be writing show scripts. Instead of researching the basketball games I didn’t bother to watch over the weekend, I’m cocking a bird back in a slingshot and launching him into sketchy cement structures.

It’s the black bird, Bomb. He’s shaped like a bomb. He lands in these sketchy cement structures, turns red, and blows them directly to Hell. When slung right, Bomb can be therapeutic. There are levels made entirely of cement. Land him right and he makes a confetti shower.

In Angry Birds Epic (the RPG iteration) Bomb’s signature move is throwing himself into a pack of pigs and blowing them all directly to Hell. It’s a consistency you can’t help but admire.

The perfect beer to drink with Bomb, I’ve discovered, is 3Sheeps Hoppy Spice. It’s an imperial IPA infused with ghost peppers, and it’s part of what 3Sheeps calls their Nimble Lips, Noble Tongue series.

This IPA puts honest heat on your tongue and the back of your throat. If you’re into that, you’re going to love this beer. If you can’t handle spicy stuff, best to leave this on the shelf (and let me know where you left it).

The 11.2 percent ABV is cookie-jar sneaky. You don’t know what you’re doing to yourself until you notice it in leeettle writing on the bomber you just drank by yourself a half-hour’s time. Oops.

No matter. This beer is very nice, well done, flavorful, nice lacing, good color, worth whatever inanities I text my wife later on.


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