Radio Recap: The Beers and Bacon of Day Block



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In the studio, it was all about the Block — Day Block Brewing, that is. We spoke with head brewer Dan Banks about his first beers, motorboating mountains of hops, Bands that Brew, and what’s coming up for the spring season. Chef Joe Williams was also in the house, bucket of Bacon Nutz in tow. Williams discussed fermentation (of all kinds), co-existing with a brewery in their little ol’ space in Minneapolis, and how they plan to handle the opening of that new Vikings stadium a few blocks away.


At Teresa’s, writer and Minnesota Wild correspondent Ryan Tuenge looked at the end of the NHL regular season, what the stakes are for Coach Porketta and his highly-priced squiddod, and how they start over if they decide to blow the team up. We also discussed the start of the Major League baseball season, the seasonal transition to lighter beers by the campfire, the Final Four in this year’s Final Four, and Minnesota Timberwolves’ sad ecstasy, and the Minnesota Gophers’ post-season recording of Oceans Eleven.

March 21: Sisyphus Brewing, 6Smith, Marlon Hanson, rap battle.

March 14: NorthGate Brewing, The Draft Horse, Joe Shea, Left Hand Brewing, Garda Belts.
March 7: Atomic Bombshells, Michael Agnew, A Perfect Pint, Ben Flattum, Fulton Brewing, Ames, IA.
February 29: Kevin Welch, Boom Island Brewing, Ken Parelius, Clear River Beverage, Red Bull Crashed Ice … I think?
February 22: Thirsty Pagan Brewing, Red Bull Crashed Ice, Ryan Tuenge, Summit Unchained


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