A Burger with Barry Bostwick


The Minnesota Skinny gang piled into a booth with Barry Bostwick and talked over cheeseburgers at Wizard World Comic Con.

Throughout his acting career, Barry Bostwick has played the devil, George Washington, Danny Zuko, and Brad Majors. He’s been on ‘Spin City,’ ‘Hannah Montana’, and numerous other films and TV shows.

Dana and I spoke with him over cheeseburgers and drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe Thursday night as Wizard World Comic Con gets set to kick off in Minneapolis. We asked him questions, he asked us questions, and he asked himself a couple of my questions.

Barry Bostwick: Who the hell are you?
Dana Johnson: I am Dana.

Bostwick: Who the hell are you?
Dana’s plus-one: Kristen.

Bostwick: So Dana, Kristen, and Bill.
Bill: Frank.
Bostwick: Frank.
Bill Frank: Frank.
Bostwick: Can I have one of your fries, Frank?

Mr. Bostwick’s food arrives just after mine. We were supposed to interview him at the celebrity table, but I asked for him to come to our booth instead. Wizard World was kind enough to accommodate, and we were given five minutes with him.

Mr. Bostwick examines his turkey burger.

BB: This is from Mumbai, India. This is a signature dish from Mumbai.

Also arriving is a flatbread pizza Kristen ordered.

BB: THAT looks HORRIBLE. (Frank makes a stupid remark) I did an interview for some pizza thing. He does interviews, we have pizza, and all we did was talk about pizza, and I said ‘Flatbread ain’t a pizza.’

FH: What’s the stupidest question you’ve heard tonight, so I can scratch it out if I have it on my list?
BB: “What’s your favorite candy bar?”
FH: Somebody asked you that?!
BB: Yeah, and it wasn’t the first time.
DJ: I may not be Barry Bostwick; but, if someone is asking what my favorite candy bar is, they best be getting me my favorite candy bar!
BB: I’m gonna say that next time. Nobody will ever ask me that again.

BB: Do you wanna know what my favorite candy bar is? Oh, come on. I know you’re curious.
FH: We’re already this far —
DJ: We’re going to need an address, so we can send it to you afterward.
FH: I’ll mail you two!
DJ: I’ll hold him to it.
BB: You’re that rich?
FH: I have a good 9-to-5.
BB: Necco Wafers. Do you know what a Necco Wafer is?
+1: I do.
BB: It’s a candy that you can eat for a long time, you don’t feel so bad … (turns to Frank) You don’t know what I’m talking about.
FH: I have no idea. I’m pretending I do, though.

Mr. Bostwick explains Necco Wafers.

BB: … and it’s solid sugar, and whenever you need a rush, you have a Necco Wafer.
BB: That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Frank briefly heckles Mr. Bostwick for the size of his first bite into his burger.

BB: Not as good as Necco Wafers.

FH: What’s on your burger?
BB: No beef. My son has turned vegan, and has tried to see every documentary about cows and chickens so I don’t eat that stuff anymore. It was his birthday the other night, his 21st birthday. He took me to this really high-class vegan restaurant — amazing food, apparently, if you’re a vegan. Are any of you vegans? (NOPE!) I had to go home and have a burger. [The vegan food] was delicious for a minute and a half.

FH: What happened at Second 91?
BB: It was interesting, but everything had tofu in it, and lots of different mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms. (Short pause) This is a real interesting interview, isn’t it? I couldn’t be happier with this.
FH: This is fantastic. This is everything I would have wanted from this interview.
BB: Necco Wafers.

The Minnesota Skinny gang got some good words in with Lou Ferrigno at Wizard World Comic Con.
Keep an eye out — our interview with Lou Ferrigno is coming soon!


DJ: How often do you find yourself in Minnesota?
BB: I think I might have made a movie here last year. I don’t remember the name of it. It was one of those movies where I just came in one night, I did one full day, I got all my scenes shot in one day.

All of us (including Mr. Bostwick himself) throw out guesses for what movie that might have been. Somehow, it comes up that we Googled him.

BB: What’s the most embarrassing thing you saw of me, that you would hate to bring up and ask me about?
FH: Somebody did this really slap-dick interview with you. It was like two-and-a-half minutes. I think he recorded it on his phone (link). His first question was something so stupid, and you looked embarrassed that you were talking to this dude. You looked uncomfortable. It looked like you were walking to the bathroom, and you were holding a turd in —
BB: Did you say I was holding a TURD in?
FH: It kinda looked like that, yeah. It looked like you really didn’t want to be there at that time with that dude, and then he asked you a really stupid question. I kinda felt bad for the whole situation, so I just shut it off.

Wizard World Staffer: Can we do like one more question, I’ve got to get two more —
BB: (To the staffer) I’m holding a turd in!

At this point, we have been speaking to Mr. Bostwick for 11 of our 5 allotted minutes.

FH: A lot of people my age, when I tell ’em I’m interviewing you, say “Oh, Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Is that still the role you’re known for among the new generations of fans, or are people starting to recognize you for something you’ve done more recently?
BB: I did this interview on my way to the bathroom once. He asked me this same question, and it looked like I was holding in a turd, and THAT has been one of my favorite jobs. I want people to know me from that.
BB: I did this movie called Three Days in August. It’s a serious film about adoption. It’s hard for me to do serious films because I just want to be sarcastic in everything that I do, similar to this interview.
DJ: I couldn’t tell. It seems like English is your second language, following sarcasm, but I’m picking up what you’re laying down.
BB: It’s because I have fun with what I do. I’m not having a great time with YOU
FH: Oh. Sorry.

(Uncomfortable silence)

BB: That was sarcasm.
DJ: Aaand there’s the beer. There’s where it all went.

Mr. Bostwick grabs Frank’s interview notes and begins reading them.

Barry Bostwick Interviews Barry Bostwick

BB: You say in another interview, you’ve been cast as a rich asshole quite a few times. Who would you say is the despicable of the assholes you’ve played?
BB: I’ve played the devil, in a thing called Tales of Halloween opened up last Halloween. I played a character called The Watch Word in a film called The Devil’s Carnival, Alleluia.

Frank offers Mr. Bostwick another note sheet

BB: How has the speed of social media affected how you go about life off-screen?
BB: It doesn’t affect me at all. For me to get anything on my Facebook, usually the people that I work for, I give them my password and they put it on my Facebook. If you go on my Facebook tonight, you’ll see the latest episode of … you know, the thing I did.
FH: The thing you did! You should check your Facebook page.
BB: … Inside the Extras Studio.

BB: I have no Twitter. It’s too time-consuming. The only way I’d get on Twitter is if I had like a series, like Scandal. I did a couple episodes of Scandal. Those guys, part of their contract is they had to get a Twitter account. They had to be together whenever a new episode was showing. They would be together in a room, and they would tweet back at fans that were commenting as the show was going on. To me, that’s too intrusive.

BB: My Facebook page, people want to become friends with me and I’ve got 5,000 friends already that I have no idea who they are. Probably five of them are actual friends, and people say ‘Can I friend you?’ and I say no.

DJ: Would you be Frank’s friend on Facebook?
BB: No.
DJ: I can see why. He’s kind of a shady dude.
FH: And I’ve passed gas like six times since you got in this booth!
DJ: That’s what that was —
BB: Oh my God …
DJ: You son-of-a-bitch.

DJ: Tell me something interesting about Barry Bostwick that I will not find on Wikipedia.
BB: I’ve never looked at my Wikipedia page.
DJ: Something that … not the general world knows.
Wizard World Staffer: Listen, I’ve got three more people waiting to interview you.

We have now used 22 of our 5 allotted minutes. If anyone at Wizard World reads this, please pass along our apologies.

DJ: Time flies when you’re having fun.
BB: (To Staffer) Let me answer this last question. (To Dana) I have no answer for this.

After a brief pause, he does.

BB: I’m queer for old cars.
DJ: You and be both!
BB: You’re queer also?
DJ: Uh, yeah, in all the senses.
BB: I bought an 85 Chrysler LeBaron convertible Town and Country woody-sided car yesterday, and I can’t wait. I have the station wagon version of that, ’87. I used to restore old ’50s Mercedes until I had kids, and then I realized you could either have old cars or you could have kids.
DJ: I have a 1945 Chevy pickup that I’m putting a 455 in from a Buick.
BB: And who’s doing the work?
DJ: Me. It’s been my project since I was nine. I was Daddy’s little helper.
BB: I have my daughter, she’s 19, and I try to get her into cars. She’ll go under the car and change oil pans or everything, but she wouldn’t change an engine.
DJ: That’s what got me into my career now (as an engineer).
BB: And now I’m looking for a set of front seats and a back seat for an ’85 Chrysler LeBaron convertible. I’m always looking for old car parts.

BB: Do you have $40?
DJ: Not in cash.
BB: I’m selling my underwear this weekend for $40.
DJ: I might have $40 this weekend.
BB: I’ll save one pair for you.


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