Far Better is it to Dare Mighty Things



… to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.  — Theodore Roosevelt

Some people knew. Others are just now finding out. I have left Sizzlin’ 99.9.

The reasons are several-fold, and fall generally under these categories:

  • Increased responsibilities at my day job left me unable to fill 90 minutes of a show every week with content worth listening to.
  • Said increase also precipitated the need to work by my own schedule.
  • Glug and Play would have likely never materialized with the demands the Skinny presently had (proceed to the bottom).

Spring into summer was, I thought, fairly organized for a shitshow. I was stressed out, high-strung, and drinking a little too much. It was time to change a few things. I laid everything out a couple of months ago, identified problems, and took action before it could spiral out of control.

I cut back on the sauce. I socked away some of Dat OT Money and began paying writers. Still, a 90-minute show meant my Sunday nights (planning), Monday afternoons, (recording), and Tuesday nights (editing) were eaten up. With my workload not slowing down, and the demands of my website increasing, I just couldn’t do it anymore. So here we are.

Pardon the corny Self-Q&A here, but I want to get this information out quickly and this is the quickest way:

Is the show done then? No. I don’t want to scramble and throw together a show this coming Monday, so we’re skipping this week, but we’re back at it August 22.

Where will you record? I’ve had a few people approach me already. The plan is to establish a home base, but record elsewhere occasionally (like on Aug. 24, when 56 Brewing, 6Smith, and us are recording a show as we cruise around Lake Minnetonka!). I’m going to take a look at it over the next few days and make a decision.

(Master P voice) Who you wit’? I’m not planning to join another podcast network at this time. There are some good ones, but I need to complete this reinvention before I worry about any of that.

Tuenge still in? Of course he is. I’d never let him off the hook that easily.

How will the show be different now? That fcking crime quiz I had to scour the Internet to find questions for every week? Gone. Sports talk for the sake of talking? Gone. That’s not to say we won’t ever talk about sports; we just won’t really dive in unless we’ve a sportsy guest on, or a particular topic to focus on (like how badly my Dolphins suck).

Another big difference will be distribution. Once I’ve got an RSS feed set up, you’ll finally be able to download and subscribe to the show on popular platforms like Stitcher, Soundcloud, and (maybe) Spreaker in addition to iTunes.

Another big difference will be show length. Expect it to drop from 90 minutes to about 45.

Finally, the ability to edit and post on my own schedule will precipitate more consistency in posting. No more shows vanishing because of some technical riff-raff or whatever.

A small difference will be music. Since I can’t use copyrighted tracks anymore, the hope is to bring local bands in for short segments and song features. It’s not becoming a music show. We’re talkin’ like 3-minute spots here and playing one track.

If it’s podcast-only now, why music at all? Ever hear me talk 45 minutes straight? Trust me, I’m doin’ this for you.

What won’t change: Never more than one brewer. The format is still beer first, and whatever we talk about after that. I want the conversations to feel natural; and now, with no clock ticking in the back of my head, I can relax and let that happen more (buzzword incoming) organically.


We will still record on Mondays, unless special circumstances arise (like that boat). As for the finished product, I’m thinking Thursdays.

EDIT: I FORGOT TO TALK ABOUT GLUG AND PLAY! Webshow! Tuenge, Joe Giambruno of Bad Weather Brewing and I! One beer, a topic, one video game, a topic! Guests! Smack-talk! Cartridge-blowing! Controller-throwing! A couch! Look out!

I’m looking forward to it, all of it. My equipment won’t look as cool as it did working for Sizzlin’, but restrictions are gone. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some pretty cool stuff to give writers to do. It’s all happening because I’ve got a great support system, a solid foundation, and the best readers a 3,000-calorie sandwich junkie could ask for.

You guys are the best.


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