Episode X: Mr. Northeast, Rock Elm Tavern, a Model Student, GABF Chat with 21st Amendment


I had the first look at Rogue Citizen’s art-style takeover of Modist Brewing happening this week. I was also lucky enough to get a first taste of Lord Humongous, Modist Brewing Company‘s first bottle release, set to drop Nov. 5 at their Pre-Post-Apocalypse Party.

Dan Wellendorf, a.k.a. Mr. Northeast 2016, took me into his playbook for claiming that crown, and let us know what to expect when I set up that night to record.

At the Rock Elm Tavern in Plymouth, I spoke with owner Troy Reding about his big-box restaurant background (25 years in at Friday’s, and a few at the local behemoth Blue Plate Group) and how he’s using those insights to help his independent spot grow. Long Island Iced Tea comes up somehow. Model-in-training Stevie-Revae Reebie sat down and gave a tutorial on “Model Pose,” her career path in the alternate universe, how much she really hates Pepsi, and a pretty fun fact she keeps up her sleeve.

Back out at the Great American Beer Fest, 21st Amendment Brewery co-founder Shaun O’Sullivan looked back on his early years in the brewhouse, his dirty secret beer (and mine), 21st-A’s collaboration with Florida’s Cigar City Brewing, and how a kick-back night with a clean vinyl record can get you level in today’s rat-race. He’s an okay skiier, too.

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Now, I should point out, I did not quite capture every photo straight-on or in their entirety. I got the best angles I could without disturbing the photos. It’ll be enough, I trust, to arouse anticipation for the final product to be up for public enjoyment.

First, behold: Lord Humongous. It’s a big, bad version of Modist’s popular Wasteland rye beer. Burnt sugar. Dark chocolate. Figs. Rye. Yeah. Much alcohols. Drink it and experience for yourself.