The Podcast at the End of the World: Ace Spirits, Minnesota’s Whiskey Girl, Rogue Citizen, Modist Brewing



This week’s recording was done at Modist Brewing during their Pre-Post-Apocalypse Party.

I spoke with Minnesota’ Whiskey Girl, Angela Mackenthun, and Louis Dachis of Ace Spirits about the history of Laphroaig Lore, the business of whiskey, what mood they’re in presently, and the moments that opened their eyes to the fine whiskey.

The guys from artist group Rogue Citizen explained the killer exhibit they have at Modist, the benefits and creation of their artist group, how street art can get a message across, and some of their early works (I mean EARLY early).

Finally, the guys from Modist Brewing pulled themselves back together after the party for a Monday night re-cap, an outline of the unique system they brew on, a philosophy that eschews traditional style guidelines, and the Lord Humungus hoppy rye beer just released.

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