Podcast Episode 19: Rock Cut Brewing, Left Hand Brewing, the Dagger Dolls

A view of the Rocky Mountains from Estes Park, Colorado

I went out to Colorado and all I got was a podcast! This is Episode 19.

I spoke with Matthew Heiser, co-owner of Rock Cut Brewing in Estes Park, about how he went from the mountains of Tennessee to making killer beer in the Rockies.

Left Hand Brewing’s Joe Shea let us into a secret room in Longmont and gave us a preview of the beers Left Hand will unveil at the Northern Light Rare Beer Festival.

I didn’t record anything with Winona Collider in Denver, but four of her former Dagger Doll teammates piled into a booth at the Cooper Pub. We spun origin stories, track strategies, and two newcomers took up napkins in an eating competition.