Podcast Episode 22: Beef and Love, Beer and Life, CrafTapped, Mouth Full Karaoke!

A very large serving of beef

I spoke with Katelyn Regenscheid – the mastermind behind the blog Beer and Life – about her mission to hit every brewery in Minnesota, blogging in the Trump Age, how camping works, meeting her boyfriend, the addictive qualities of Tinder, my old Yahoo! Personals profile, and … um … more stuff. Lots more. (Intro/17:28)

I spoke with Brian Turner – co-founder of the craft beer community CrafTapped – about the beer he and his dad would drink, building his craft beer community around $1 pints(!), and where the team has their target set next. (28:36)

We also had another round of Mouth Full Karaoke! Katelyn, Brian, myself, and Boom Island brewer Justin Borek singing the love songs of our choice with a Pappy’s double-cheese in our mouths! (44:57)

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