Episode 25: Bauhaus Brew Labs, Andy Carlson of Purple FTW!


Sunday liquor sales passed the Senate! Hooooly crap! We discussed that a little bit, ya.

This week, podcaster Andy Carlson recalled how disdain for a Vikings coach launched his booming Purple FTW! We touched on his ability to keep four podcasts up and growing, and the Vikings’ very real chances of playing in next year’s Minneapolis-based Super Bowl LII (Intro).

At Bauhaus Bew Labs, Mark Schwandt explained how a strong media presence and a “monopoly on weirdness” helped Bauhaus assert themselves in an ever-growing craft beer market. Speaking of, is it a “craft beer bubble” or a “craft beer window”? We wondered aloud. He talked about working in a family business – it’s all hands on deck in that family – the videos that often accompany beer releases, and I taught him how to Facebook! (12:27) You can watch one of Bauhaus’ videos below the podcast link!

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