Episode 29: Tipple-Teaming with Martha Young, Nate Karnitz of Lawless Distilling


This week, Martha Young – social media thug, marketing whiz, sports expert … she’s got feelings on the Minnesota Wild’s upcoming playoff embarrassment, and the collection of so-called baseball players we’re calling the Minnesota Twins this year. We also put her marketing knowledge to use. Your Internet browsing activity, even what you record on your fitbit, it’s all data (Intro)

Lawless Distilling Company co-founder Nate Karnitz and his team are bringing the spirit of the ol’ Tippling House back a sector of Minneapolis formerly known as the Hub of Hell. We got Karnitz’ story, from how he met his wife, to how he built his distillery (22:09)

I’d say it was a successful podcast. I found a new hiding place, and Marty will be back soon as another rotating co-host!


  • The reason “health wearables” are so popular now? You guessed it: that data can be collected from your employer, insurance companies, and even marketing.
  • I can eat four tacos while conducting an interview.
  • It isn’t looking great for the Minnesota Wild. If it doesn’t work out, everything should be looked at. Is it time to blow up this nucleus and bring “The Process” to the NHL? We discuss.
  • If you see Zach Parise at the gas station, don’t talk to him.
  • Our conversation about the Twins went similarly to the Minnesota Wild, just with less wins. Can we deal Joe Mayer? Marty has feelings.
  • Roy Smalley’s hair.
  • If you’re going to the Lawless Distilling Co. website, be ready for a history lesson.
  • You might be surprised to know that starting a distillery costs less than starting a brewery.
  • While the art of stilling has changed in terms of what we use, the methods themselves haven’t changed over time.
  • Nate Karnitz: not a singer.

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