Episode 33: Hudson the Magician, Author Christopher D. Schmitz, Bad Weather Brewing*


Wizard World Comic Con is here in Minneapolis, Friday through Sunday! This week, I spoke with a couple of the featured local artists who’ll be there. Hudson the Magician sat down with me for a few minutes and talked about his transition from army officer to business executive to master magician! He told me about his most embarrassing on-stage incident, his work with midwest-based non-profit Open Heart Magic – which is centered on magicians who teach magic to children in hospitals – and the magic business locally. (Intro)

Christopher D. Schmitz is a western Minnesota-based author with an impressive catalog of books, short stories, barbecue tips, and bagpipes! We covered all of it! (18:58) He told me how his writing career was helped in part by his family getting screwed out of cable access; his retaliatory short story, ‘One Star;’ his latest book, ‘Wolf of the Tesseract;’ and the Kickstarter campaign he’s getting ready to launch (link below).

I spoke with Bad Weather Brewing co-founder Joe Giambruno about his new Helles Lager, and we exchanged stories about growing up with the video game consoles of the 80s … but then the power went out, so we lost that recording. We did talk about it, though!

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Relevant links:
Hudson Magic: http://www.hudsonmagic.com
Christopher D. Schmitz: http://www.authorchristopherdschmitz.com
Open Heart Magic: http://www.openheartmagic.org
Christopher D. Schmitz’ Kickstarter Project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2070483758/wolves-of-the-tesseract-taking-of-the-prime-fantas


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