Episode 35: Cosplay Pro Mogchelle, Minneapolis’ HeadFlyer Brewing

A gun made by a 3-D printer
This gun was made by Mogchelle through 3-D printing.

Pro cosplayer Mogchelle told me about her costume laboratory, from the two 3-D printers on top of her bedroom drawer to the machine she made out of a Shop-Vac and pancake griddles. She looked back on how her love of video games brought on a costume business that’s racked up awards internationally and helps out charities wherever she visits. She explained how 3-D printing works, the program she works closely with at home in Indianapolis, and recalled the last time she wore a costume out in public without an event. (3:10)

HeadFlyer Brewing just opened up shop in Northeast Minneapolis. I met up with co-founder Neil Miller and … well, we spent most of the time talking about astronomy. Have you ever heard of Tycho Brahe? Tycho Brahe is Neil Miller’s favorite astronomer, and I think he’s mine, too after hearing about him. We also talked about what it means to be a HeadFlyer, what it means to take risks, his awe-inspiring home in the Miller Textile Building … and beer came up a little (16:48).

I looked back on the first weekend on St. Paul Saints baseball and explained how it right at CHS Field (Intro). I pondered the Minnesota Twins’ first one-fourth of the season, and what happened the first time I parked at HeadFlyer (16:47).



Pro cosplayer Mogchelle at ComicCon in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mogchelle, as D.Va from ‘Overwatch’

Mogchelle was already interested in video games and comic books when the cosplay craze caught her in 1999. That year, she went from casual observer to an internationally-known cosplayer. It began an award-winning, charity-boosting journey that’s sent her up to America’s Hat, back to her home Guam, and beyond. She’s a true lover of the craft – not only did she host a workshop at Minneapolis ComicCon, helping others learn how to use certain materials, she insisted there’s no such thing as poorly-done cosplay when everyone’s having fun.

A stack of beer coasters at a craft brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota
HeadFlyer Brewing coasters, as themselves

HeadFlyer Brewing might have taken the last unimbiberted building of Northeast Minneapolis. You can find them in the Miller Textile Building, where they opened just over a month ago and they’re already drawing quite a crowd. Co-founders Neil and Amy Miller took the ultimate “flyer,” ditching the 9-to-5 and making their kitchen brewery dreams into 13 tap lines of reality.

The space is every bit as great as my pal Katelyn says it is, and they’re nice folks. I think I exchanged pleasantries with everyone on staff the night I visited. Your homie had their NE IPA, It Was All a Dream; but, if you’re not ABV deep diving, go ahead and settle into a pint of their Emoji IPA. I haven’t personally had their golden ale, None the Wiser, but I’ve heard good things.


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