Episode 40: A Minnesota Cider-Maker’s Quest and Beer From the Big Apple


This week, we’ve got a 1-2 punch of a Minnesota cider-maker on the come-up and a NYC-based brewery who has been on the forefront of innovation for years.

At the start: Out in Buffalo, Minnesota, Colin Post and his business partner Steve Hence made a cider back in 2011 that was so impressive, so magnificent, so incredibly spectacularly incredible and spectacular, it won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair and launched Number 12 Cider House as a business!

One little problem, though: the apples were foraged, so the exact recipe was unknowable.

I sat down with Colin and heard his quest to re-create that magic batch. I got a taste of something he thinks is close, learned his system, took a walk through the orchard he works with, tried a couple of his goods — and they are goooods — and he explained how every apple has a role in the making of a cider blend. He used his Sparkling Dry as an example, outlining what apples are in it and why. We also touched on a couple of his other ciders, a black currant cider and a Spanish pear cidre.

The wind messes with the sound quality a little at times, but you should have seen the view from the deck at Deer Lake Orchard! We couldn’t pass up talking outside.

15:50: I met with Brooklyn Brewery‘s Minnesota team: Simon Reading, Mike Maraghy and Evan Davis. The guys have been with Brooklyn Brewery for much different lengths of time, and they different perspectives on the business. Mike has been with Brooklyn Brewery since right after college, and he compared the Brooklyn of Day 1 to the Brooklyn today.

Did you know Brooklyn Brewery has a James Beard award-winning brewmaster on staff? We discussed what he brings to the team, and the guys introduced us to Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy. We featured Brooklyn’s Summer Ale, and I asked why we don’t hear more about New York City craft beer.

48:40: We have an extra-special segment this week involving Evan and his girlfriend, Beer and Life‘s Katelyn Regenscheid. Remember four months ago, when I asked Katelyn a series of questions and had her tell me what she thought Evan would say? This week, Evan got those same questions.

This interview breaks just a bit from my cider theme for the summer, but this interview was a fairly long time in coming. Besides, Brooklyn, Big Apple: it kind of works!



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