Episode 43: Gabe Noah and Tevin Pittman of the ‘Profession Confession’ Podcast

I didn’t get a good photo of us in the studio, so here’s my dog.

I hung out with Gabe Noah and Tevin Pittman from the Profession Confession podcast this week, crushed a 12-pack of Coors Banquet, and had a great time in their studio this week.

If you’re not familiar with the Profession Confession podcast, it’s time to check it out. If you enjoy my podcast, you’re gonna really enjoy Gabe Noah and Tevin Pittman as they talk every week with professionals who deal with life, death, sex, violence, drugs, you name it.

Gabe and Tevin dabble in comedy, though, and I got some of their confessions! Gabe has been in the stand-up game for a long time, and Tevin is the general manager at the House of Comedy in the Mall of America.

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I asked Gabe on this episode who some of his comedy heroes were growing up, and whether he would go back in time and do stand up in that era. Gabe touched on life on the road as a comic, how far he’s traveled, and how much your average comic pulls in for a weekend of work. He has stayed in hotel rooms that were missing beds. He has been invited to sleep in mop closets. You hear those stories and much, much more. You also hear a couple of beer cans crack open.



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