Mama’s Pizza: St. Paul’s Immortal Italian Eatery

Mama's Pizza in St. Paul, Minnesota

What would you do with a gallon of Peachie’s Famous Red Sauce?

If you’ve ever eaten at Mama’s Pizza, that iconic Italian joint in St. Paul, you know what I’m talking about. You might obsess over these pies, like I do. Owner Tony Mudzinski can often be seen making them, at a station right behind the host counter, wearing a jacket with heart candies embroidered on the front and back. He’s a handsome man, Chef Tony, with a neighborly charm but a focused face. After all, he’s running a 53-year-old business but he’s making sure your pizza is perfect right now.

It always is. Peachie’s Famous Red Sauce glues together a cracker-like crust and – I swear – a quarter- inch-thick layer of cheese. The red sauce is the difference-maker, though, the reason you get this pizza from this Italian joint and not that pizza from that other Italian joint. Chef Tony must know this, because he applies enough red sauce to cover the whole chest of your shirt if you don’t bite carefully.

The sauce is thick, and I mean thick, and seasoned just so. It’s precisely what you wish your homemade sauce would turn out like. It’s named after Tony’s mother, Patricia “Peachie” Mudzinski, who ran the restaurant from 1980 until Tony and his sisters took over in 1999.

A "Hot Diego" sandwich at Mama's Pizza in St. Paul, Minnesota
Hot Diego

St. Paul residents and visitors have flocked to Mama’s since 1964, when Tony’s uncle opened up shop. Mama’s Pizza stands tall, in a building that has most certainly earned the glory of scars. Back in August, Mama’s Pizza had to close for 10 days when a driver plowed his car into the building’s front face. Tony didn’t have much to tell the Pioneer Press when it happened, probably because it’s nothing new.

A water main burst 10 years ago, and Mama’s had to renovate afterward. Three years ago, Mama’s was damaged when a building next door was burned. Hell, this isn’t even the first time the building has taken a car to the face. It happened two years ago, too. They take it in stride at the restaurant: staffers sometimes wear T-shirts that say “If you build rebuild rebuild REBUILD IT, they will come.”

And they come. My last time there, I heard the woman in the booth behind me tell the waitress about how she makes it a priority to visit when she’s in town. She’s only in Minnesota three weeks a year, she said. Recording artist G-Eazy recognized real, as he called in Mama’s to cater for his latest album release party.

My wife will accept no substitutes when it comes to her birthday dinner. Chef Tony knows this, too. One year, he gave my wife something extra: a camouflage hoodie with the Mama’s logo embroidered on the front.

Mostaccioli at Mama's Pizza in St. Paul, Minnesota

She rings in a new age with an order of mostaccioli, large, with cheese and two meatballs. Peachie’s Famous Red Sauce touches every last noodle in that pasta mountain they call “a large.” If you finish a third of your dish, that’s a good-sized meal. If I see you eat the whole thing, I’m probably going to call the UFO hotline on you. And don’t worry if you take it to go: they line the bottoms of their tin to-go trays with – you guessed it – more sauce.

When you have a special Hot Diego sandwich, sauce mingles with cheese to create a moat around it on the plate. It’s also a camouflage. When it comes to you, it’s hard to believe sometimes that you’ve ordered a sandwich. My mother-in-law doesn’t leave without one. When I asked for her take, all I got was “Sloppy and heavenly, just the way I like it!”

I order pasta when I dine out with family, but I order pizza when I’ve got the table space to do so. My last time at Mama’s, I hadn’t even planned to dine in but wound up eating half a large pizza before settling up – and if you don’t believe me about quarter-inch-thick layers of cheese, at least believe this:

Pizza at Mama's Pizza in St. Paul, Minnesota

Mama’s offers build-your-own pizzas, with a 15-inch cheese starting at $14. They have smaller sizes, too, but why would you do that to yourself? Get a large. Specialty pizzas include a meat combo, and a Flavor Explosion with sausage, pepperoni, bacon, pineapple and banana pepper.

Chef Tony doesn’t love offering American dishes, according to an interview he did with the Pioneer Press, but it’s a necessary evil. Chicken, fried jumbo shrimp, deep fried fish and pork chops are on the menu. A one-third-pound hamburger is on the menu for $3. That’s not a typo. Lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise bring it up to $4. The entire menu can be seen here.

Look under the “Take Home Specialties” section. Mama’s sells Peachie’s Famous Red Sauce by the gallon. A jug is $20. So, what would you do with that? I would try to cash the whole jug on a single pan of lasagna. I’d load 10 pounds of sausage, six pounds of bacon, 16 blocks of sharp cheddar, and four containers of cream cheese. Now you know why I don’t cook at home.

Besides, having your meal at Mama’s comes with one final benefit: the free miniature ice cream cones offered at your meal’s conclusion. Take a few licks. Cold sugar. Another lick. Bite off the top. Headache. Another lick. CRUNCH goes the cone. It’s their non-provocative way of kissing people goodbye, right before we kiss each other goodbye and vow to be back soon.

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Soft serve at Mama's Pizza in St. Paul, Minnesota


  1. My very favorite pizza place ever. I have been going since I was a child. I am now 42 and try to enjoy Mama’s whenever I get into St. Paul. Now if I could just get a date with Tony….

  2. We love Mama’s! Our favorite Italuan restaurant. The staff is as great as the food. Thank you Tony for keeping the tradition alive!

  3. Words can not describe the sauce nor everything that enhances it!
    The tiny restaurant is so crowded, even on a slow night but the wait is definitely worth it!
    Tony & his team are amazing

  4. I’ve been going to Mama’s pizza as long as I can remember then when I hands of my own we took our kids there. My children got to choose where to go for there BIRTHDAY dinners and Mama’s won each time. My youngest son turned 21 in January 2017 we Celebrated at mama’s. Tony is amazing he always treats his customers like a part of his family. Thank you Tony for keeping Mama’s open even after all the bad things that have happened. PEACHIE IS SMILING PROUD THAT HER CHILDREN HAVE DONE AN AMAZING JOB KEEPING THE FAMILY BUSINESS GOING! MUCH Love To you Tony and family!

  5. I began going to “Mama’s” when I was employed at Xcel Energy (fka NSP). I have brought others to “Mama’s” and they also return on their own time after time. Tony does a GREAT job as does his staff. He is carrying on the “Mama’s” legacy and I KNOW his mom, Peachie (what a precious person she was- she really loved everyone and valued the long time customers and the staff) as Tony continues to do all of this…I always tell Tony, “your mom is looking down and smiling with HIGH pride and would be so proud of you and how you are keeping this wonderful neighborhood business and icon going.” Thank you, Tony! Keep up the GREAT work and that great food…


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