Tonight’s (and Every Night’s) Best Burger Specials in the Twin Cities


I’ve had a few people tell me this, and it has crossed my own mind a few times: Everyone has a list of cheeseburger deals in the Twin Cities, but it’d be nice if someone listed them by day so I knew where to go when.

That’s where we come in. You might not have known, but I doubt it will surprise you, that you can get a great cheeseburger special every night in the Twin Cities. It’s all right here, in a handy day-by-day format. Last update: September 24, 2018.

Things to keep in mind:

Defining “deal”: A deal is whatever I say it is, but we’re generally talkin’ $6 or less. There are some killer BOGOs and burger-and-beer specials that push into the $10-12 range, and I think they’re worth bringing up. However …

They don’t necessarily have to be deals. If your cheeseburger is $6 or less every night, and it’s good, I’m not going to hold that against you! Everyday prices and happy hour specials are listed as such, and you know they’re good because …

I’ve eaten burgers at all of these restaurants, and I am recommending them to you. None of this “regurgitation of Yelp reviews, with a photo credit to some rando” bubkis. I’m not sending you anywhere without certifying it first. Which means …

If I missed one, tell me! This is meant to be a living document as I make my way around, and it’ll be updated as more are discovered. Let’s go!

The Best Burger Ever, at Lakes Tavern and Grill in Woodbury, Minnesota
The Best Burger Ever, Lakes Tavern and Grill


Grizzly’s, Plymouth
What time: All day
If you’re one of those friend-having types, snap a picture of one doing something stupid and blackmail his or her ass out to Plymouth with you one Sunday. In addition to running happy hour all day – which means $3 spicy Bloody Marys and $7 blackened wings, yo! – burgers are buy-one-get-one-free on Sundays. Since their most expensive one is $12, BOOM! $6 and $6. Just imagine that brown sugar bacon and smoked cheddar burger, then picture it next to a black and bleu burger with grilled onions and Cajun Remoulade. Very few folks can play with fire the way Grizzly’s can.

You’ll have the added bonus of stumbling upon what’s quietly one of the Twin Cities’ best beer programs, and oh: at happy hour, craft taps are $2 off. Get your friend going with a Bloody Mary or two, move on to those big ol’ stouts, and get your camera ready. (Read more!)


CARA Irish Pubs, Multiple Locations
What time: All day
As if having the best Twin Cities food birthday deal and one of the best Christmas gift card incentives wasn’t enough, the CARA team is now muscling in on the Burger Day market. Now you’re getting a burger and a beer for $10 all say Sunday and Monday. The only proviso: you need a CARA Pub Club card. We’ve discussed this before, though. If you don’t have one of these cards, it’s time to get one. (Read more!)

Cooper Pub


Lakes Tavern and Grill, Woodbury
What time: All day
I wrote at length about the Best Burger Ever and taking in Dolphins games at Lakes, and guess what? If the Dolphins are on Monday Night Football, I’ll be having two of them for the price of one. What, you don’t think I could finish them both?

Mississippi Pub, Inver Grove Heights
What time: All day
Whether the patio is kickin’ during the summertime or you’re bellied up to the bar inside, you’re not going to have a bad time at the Mississippi Pub. The pleasure doubles on Monday nights, when burgers are two-for-one. Oh, is that not winning enough? Well, I’ve got more good news: the #MissPub has bingo on Monday nights, too. The BOGO counts for the basic hamburgers only, but you can have your favorite (or my favorite, the Bacon Marmalade) for an upcharge.

Burger Moe’s, St. Paul
What time: 4 p.m.-midnight
One of St. Paul’s most paradisaical patios and wide-ranging craft beer selections get flanked on Monday nights by a $6 burger special. Almost every burger on the menu gets knocked down to $6. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve stopped in, but if the Axtell Burger is as good as I remember? When is the last time a place called Moe’s let you down? It doesn’t happen on The Simpsons and it won’t happen here.

Call ahead, though: the offer is void on XCel Energy Center event nights.

5-8 Grill and Tap, West St. Paul
5-8 Grill and Bar, Champlin
What time: 4-close
The 5-8 Tavern has expanded far beyond its original south Minneapolis location and now has its flag planted in Maplewood, Champlin, and West St. Paul. On Monday nights, the West St. Paul and Champlin locations drop the prices on their American Cheese Juicy Lucy to “come again” prices. They vary a little, so look closely. They’re $5 starting at 4 p.m. in West St. Paul; they’re $6 starting at 5 p.m. in Champlin.

Bacon Marmalade, Mississippi Pub

Wild Boar Bar and Grill, Hopkins/Oakdale
What time: 4 p.m.-close
Both locations start at the same time, but the deals are slightly different. In Hopkins, burgers are $5 (the 3-pound Piggy Burger is excluded); in Hopkins, you’re building your own burger for $4. If you’re cool with domestics, pitchers are $8 at both locations on Mondays. (Read more!)

Half Time Rec, St. Paul
What time: 4-9 p.m.
Bar to the left, stage to the right, kitchen in the back, bocce in the basement. Half Time Rec might just be the perfect bar, and now they’ve got a burger bargain to boot. They run $6, and I hope I don’t have to explain “Build Your Own Burger.” (Read more!)

Groveland Tap, St. Paul
What time: 6-10 p.m.
This Blue Plate Restaurant Group stronghold has a few daily specials that will make you squint at your phone screen like “Whaaat?” and Monday night is definitely one of those. How does $2.99 for a cheeseburger sound? If you arrive late, you can double down on the deals: their late happy hour kicks in right at 10 p.m.

Cooper Pub, St. Louis Park
What time: 8-9 p.m.
Not content with merely offering a $10 burger and beer on Mondays, the Cooper Pub (part of CARA) drops the price of their iconic Vincent Burger – long thought by yours truly as the Twin Cities’ Best in Class – to $8 for one magical hour on Monday nights.

A pint of beer from Modist Brewing and a cheeseburger from The Curious Goat food truck in Minneapolis' North Loop neighborhood in Minnesota
Modist Brewing and The Curious Goat, North Loop. There’s beef in there, I promise. Lots of it.


Augustine’s, St. Paul
What time: All day
This burger is $7 by itself, but you can slide a Fulton Standard next to it for only $3 more. These are the same folks behind The Happy Gnome – and, more specifically, The Happy Gnome poutine. With cheddar beef, white cheddar cheese, beer mustard, and a French fry payload that could stress a Tonka truck out, you’re getting more than a meal’s worth. (Hear more!)

Bar Louie, Uptown/Minnetonka
What time: 5 p.m.-close
The Bar Louie in the Ridgedale Mall (where I went) offers up half-pounders for $5 with tater tots of French fries. My tater tot portion was pretty sad, not gonna lie, but the burger more than made up the difference. Tuesdays mean long lines at Louie, though, unless you can squeeze into a seat at the bar. Whatever. Just come with a full phone charge and you’ll get some serious Angry Bird leveling done.


Tinucci’s, Newport
What time: All day
The first thing you need to be aware of is Tinucci’s closes up shop at 8:30 p.m. For this burger, though, I will absolutely call ahead – from I-694, going through Brooklyn Park, at 8:12 p.m.  – and see if they’d be kind enough to make me a burger if I get there right at 8:30. They will! They are so accommodating, and so polite, that you will unleash absolute havoc on the Interstate so their kindness isn’t for naught. You will cut off a Peterbilt as you change lanes. You will nearly sideswipe a boat trailer. You will fit your car into places you wouldn’t normally try placing a whiteboard eraser, all in the name of a Tinucci’s $2.50 cheeseburger.

If you’re like me, you pay the extra for bacon and fried onions. Maybe you pay $3 more for a bottle of Michelob. Your lead foot won’t get any lighter, but hey: what if you need it next Wednesday?

Cowboy Jack’s, multiple locations
What time: All day downtown; 5 p.m.-10 p.m. all other locations
Yeah, yeah, ham it up, hucksters. The joke’s on you if you’re skipping Cowboy Jack’s Wednesday night burger deal. TWO BUCKS! It’s big, too, and the quality will far surpass what you would’ve gone in expecting.

Toppings are extra, yes, but you can still get a bacon ($1 extra) cheese (.50 extra) burger for $3.50! You can’t even get that at Wendy’s anymore, can you? It begins at 5 p.m. at most locations, but the Downtown location runs it all day. If you show up during happy hour, now you’re having that and Lift Bridge’s special Cowboy Jack’s IPA for under $6 total. (Read more!)

Diablo Burger, Wild Boar Bar and Grill


Wild Boar Bar and Grill Again, but Only Oakdale This Time
What time: 4 p.m.-9 p.m.
Did you see my Twin Cities Burger Battle preview, read about the Diablo Burger and think, “Give me one!” Well, tough. Haven’t you ever heard of “TINSTAAFL”? It stands for “There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” and it’s one of the stupidest acronyms ever made. It’s true, though. The Wild Boar is willing to meet you halfway on Thursdays, though – just not on their 3-pound Piggy Burger. All others, though.

Axel’s Tavern, Loretto
What time: 5 p.m.-close
I’ve already talked about how Loretto isn’t that far out of the Twin Cities. Skip out here for a Juicy Lucy and a pint of Grain Belt for $9. The only way you get more Minnesotan than that is if you spend 25 minutes saying good-bye to the bartender. Look at that patty! It looks like a damn curling stone. That’s because Loretto cheese portions are much, much different than Twin Cities cheese portions.

Half Time Rec Again, Still St. Paul
What time: All day!
Hey, if they wanna make cheeseburgers as well as they do and they wanna run two burger deals in one week, I have no foibles about putting them on the list twice. This is a burger basket for $7, and the good times roll all day.

St. Genevieve


6Smith, Wayzata
What time: M-F, 3-6 p.m. and 8-10 p.m. winter/9-11 p.m. summer; Sat. 1-6 p.m.; Sunday all day
If you can’t make it for 6Smith’s weekly Fat Pants Friday monstrosities, their happy hour menu is a calorie playground that comes around more conveniently. Within the drink specials and snacks awaits an unassuming double cheeseburger with PLO (pickles, lettuce, onions) and special sauce for $6. (Read more!)

St. Genevieve, Minneapolis
What time: M-F, 3-6 p.m.; every night, 9-11 p.m.
Roughly a month ago, this French hotspot in South Minneapolis got into the happy hour game with $1 pints of Hamm’s and a quartet of big little snacks. Among them is a ravishing cheeseburger that oozes cheese and hides a little huddle of cornichons for that extra snap! (Read more!)

Constantine, Minneapolis
Think of Constantine’s $5 bar burger as the Ant-Man of cheeseburgers. It comes in pretty sweet armor, and has power beyond its weight class. Nice, soft bun; gooey, melted cheese; and a slick of beef that straight-up satisfies.

UPDATE: Constantine now offers a 5-9 p.m. happy hour M-F! The cheeseburger is still $5, but now it’s part of a you-pick-’em list with items like Old Fashioneds, house wines, beers/bumps, highballs, and tater barrels. One for $5, two for $9, three for $13. So a burger, an Old Fashioned, a beer and a bump for $13?! The FRANK promo code might still valid for $20 off your first Lyft ride if you download. Just sayin’. (Read more!)

Mama’s, St. Paul
Hidden among the mountains of mastaccioli and pizzas called Flavor Explosion is a cheeseburger they sell for $3. All the time. Like, that’s the price. And get this: if you ask for it, they will absolutely put some of Peachie’s Famous Red Sauce on it and mozzarella cheese. Now you’re getting a pizza burger for $3. You’re welcome. (Read more!)

Lions Tap, Eden Prairie
It’s easy to forget a classic like Lions Tap with new restaurants and “Instagram-worthy” food clogging the ol’ social meeds, but Lions Tap will be chugging along long after the new hotness has fizzled and died. All of Lions Tap’s single-patty burgers go for $6 every day, and even the towering doubles don’t go above $10. (Read more!)

Mickey’s Dining Car, St. Paul
I last had Mickey’s in January 2016. At that time, a half-pound burger was $5. Unless they suddenly decided to “chef up” their menu (go in one day and ask if they’ll do that, I dare you!), let’s assume their prices haven’t changed much since then. If you can get your party into a booth, unlucky you! The real Mickey’s experience is had at the counter (Read more!).



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