Deliver the Goods: Hamburguesas El Gordo


I ordered Hamgerguesas El Gordo via Doordash three times during the first four days of my quarantine, and there will be many more.

I can only speak for my own experience under this quarantine; it’s been monotonous and, well, very suburban so far. I work at home, I go for walks, and the rest is a hyperloop of gazing out windows, playing video games, and throwing things down hallways for my dog to go fetch. I don’t shower every day because why. I wear the same scuzzy T-shirt over and over again because why not. Most of the contact I’ve had with my friends since this began has come via Facebook Messenger and Twitch. Again: I know I’m one of the lucky ones.

Enter the Del Gordo Doble from Hamburguesas el Gordo. This is where things get exciting ’round these parts. It’ll make your friends say stuff like “That looks dope!” when you raise it up for them to see via webcam. It comes equipped with two half-pound patties and a whopping 10 toppings – and that’s if you don’t add the side of grilled onions. Still on that live chat with your friends? See how they react to you eating the whole thing right in front of them. 

An article by the Star Tribune tells the story of owners Claudia and Gerardo Gutierrez, who began making burgers at home on Friday nights and saw this little venture quickly grow into an all-weekend event. Now the burgers are being made every day for everybody at their two Twin Cities storefront locations.

“Bomb Mexican Street Food” says the profile picture of their Instagram account. They have bacon-wrapped hot dogs with a long breath’s worth of ingredients at $4 apiece. Burritos are available with meats like beef tongue, shredded beef, and pork. They run between $8.75-9. Tacos are available individually for between $2.50-4, or you can get what’s referred to on the website as “The Original Taco Box.” It’s a paper box packed with 10 street tacos and side items for $30.

But I’ve been drawn to the cheeseburgers, again and again. Did you ever have contests with cousins or friends to see who could make the most monstrous hamburger at a picnic? If so, the Doble might remind you of someone’s winning creation. You can lift it out of the bag with one hand, but eating it is unquestionably a two-handed task. It’s a hefty thing, with a wide radius and a delightfully messy arrangement under the bun. 

It goes bottom bun, lettuce, mayonnaise, beef, mozzarella, ham, cheddar, peppers, bacon, ketchup, mustard, beef, avocado, onions, mayonnaise, top bun. There’s no clean way to handle this. Juices stream down your fingers and you lick them, take another bite, more juices, more licking, and wait – is the bottom patty about to slide out from under the top one? Tuck that back in, more juices, more licking, another bite, and so on until you’ve got nothing left but a slickened plate surface and a few stray pieces of lettuce. Maybe you eat all that lettuce. The whole thing is simply delicious.

I ate my first Doble during a livestream. I opened my second one in the kitchen, and I didn’t even sit down. I just leaned against the kitchen sink and savaged it right then and there, because why not.

As far as sides go, I wish my cheese fries would have had more cheese sauce on them but they were pretty good. The jalapeno poppers don’t seem to travel as well. I’ll try them again when I visit the restaurant.

If a pound of beef is a little bit much, you might find the Del Gordo Burger a little more manageable. It carries all the same toppings but “only” a half-pound of beef. If you want smaller still, there’s a Del Gordo Jr. and a Mini Doble with only lettuce, mayo, cheddar cheese, ketchup and tomatoes. There’s a Hawaiiana with grilled pineapple added; and a Cubano version with a fried egg, a hot dog, chorizo, and the words “If you dare ……” printed at the end of its menu description. The burgers start at $3.50 for a miniature classic cheeseburger, and go as high as $12.

You can find more information on their website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.



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