Deliver the Goods: Jersey’s Bar and Grill


Here’s what I did on Day 30 of quarantine. I had granola and yogurt for breakfast, and a medley of glazed root vegetables for lunch. I did these things so I wouldn’t feel bad about eating a triple cheeseburger that evening. I worked, I read, I reloaded the dishwasher, and then I ordered a triple cheeseburger.

Fun fact: you can have Minnesota’s Cheesiest Burger delivered right to your door from Jersey’s Bar and Grill. It’s $12.50 when purchased through Doordash, and delicious. On the burger are two quarter-pound patties and the following cheeses: American, Swiss, cheddar jack, and pepper jack. That’s just on the burger. What sets off the fireworks display is the little cup of queso blanco you get on the side. The herb focaccia buns are practically perfect; it’s always cooked the way I want it; and the beef grind is a little bit rugged, but that’s how a roadside bar burger should be.

And this cheese, I swear.

Minnesota’s Cheesiest Burger

If you haven’t put pants on yet today, I can understand not wanting to make that kind of commitment when you can just have it delivered. If you order directly from Jersey’s and go pick it up, though, prices drop considerably. As two examples, the Cheesiest Burger in Minnesota drops from $12.50 to $9.99 if you pick up. The California Triple Stacker (pictured up top) is $15 on Doordash and $12 when picked up. The $2.50 you save could almost get you to Red Wing and back, never mind Inver Grove Heights – and when you get to Red Wing, you can fill up for 80 cents per gallon.

The drive to Inver Grove Heights will take you down Concord Boulevard. Getting there means passing approximately 700 car dealerships and a once-thought-vacant building that formerly housed a business called Taiwanese Sausages. On the outside, the building looks like the next Saw movie could be happening inside of it – and guess what? When I drove past on Day 30 of quarantine, I saw lights on in there.

Jersey’s Bar and Grill has a pretty good setup for takeout. There’s a covered table right when you walk in, BOOM!, and your order will probably be set there with a credit card receipt sitting in front of it. A gal wearing a mask asked me if I saw my order; I, in my mask, identified my order and responded affirmatively. Sign, grab, go.

The California Triple Stacker is three quarter-pound patties, but it’s not a custom-made-bun-type monstrosity. It’s pretty compact. I wish it was a little more imposing, to be honest, but I nonetheless enjoyed the hell out of it. The beef and bun are the very same as the Cheesiest, just with more beef. Tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, obviously, and a quantity of cheese that doesn’t look like it falls too far short of the Cheesiest.

Marina photobombing a Jalapeno Popper Juicy

Jersey’s Bar and Grill has a beef patty pedigree most of the Twin Cities found out about in grand fashion last year, when Jersey’s Jalapeno Popper Juicy Lucy took both the Judges’ Choice and People’s Choice trophies at the Twin Cities Burger Battle. I wrote about the Jalapeno Popper Juicy shortly after that conquest. If you don’t click on the link, just know this: it’s a DEEP-FRIED BEEF PATTY.

The story almost became a story about a bartender named Marina, the same way my story about the Mississippi Pub was supposed to be about food but turned into a story about the bartenders instead. Cool bartenders are probably who I miss most right now.

Your Hamburger Headquarters” says a banner on the Jersey’s Bar and Grill website. The building Jersey’s Bar and Grill occupies dates all the way back to the 1890s, but Jersey’s opened there in 2001. The Jersey’s team expanded the roster in January by opening the Pillbox Tavern in St. Paul. The Pillbox, however, is not currently open for takeout or delivery.

Not every burger was available when I last ordered, but click the ORDER ONLINE button on their website to see the menu. Even if they don’t have all of their burgers available, they’ve an abundance of choices. Speaking of abundance, Jersey’s also offers a $30 family meal deal with four cheeseburgers and fries. Add bacon for an extra $1 per burger.

Takeout/delivery hours and information:

  • Sun-Thurs: 4:30-7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat: 4:30-8:30pm
  • Call 651-455-4561 for takeout. Delivery is done through DoorDash, with the same hours.


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