The Point Brewing tap handle at Kurt and Jo's Eats and Treats in Marathon City, Wisconsin

Kurt and Jo’s in Wisconsin: It’s About What We’re All About in Wisconsin

Jurt and Jo's Eats and Treats: It sounds Dairy Queen-esque and shoves the words FAMILY DINING into your eyes the second you see their strip mall hideaway, off Highway 29 close to Wausau. Before you...
Two cheeseburgers at Frankie's Pub in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Frankie’s Pub in Sheboygan: A True Boss’ Hideout

Well, doesn't that look exciting. This is Frankie's Pub and Grill in Sheboygan. Gaze upon its earthy-toned siding, its plain signage, and its majestic ... shape? Why are we even still looking at this? That's exactly what they want to you...

Day-Drinking with my Mother-in-Law and Other Things I Don’t Even Remotely Regret

Before Saturday, my dear mother-in-law hadn't bellied up to a bar in over 30 years. She touches beer less frequently than I touch the skin behind my ears. Even her drink of choice, wine,...

My Priest Loves the Agave Kitchen and You Will, Too

One minute, my wife and I have our heads forward in prayer as a priest is sprinkling my new car with holy water. Three ideas later, we're tabled at the Agave Kitchen and I'm...

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