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An encased coin bearing the name of a Twin Ports business

Building Across Generations: The Story of Russ Kendall’s Smokehouse

Masthead photo courtesy Gordy Olson.  When I ask Gordy Olson how long Russ Kendall’s Smokehouse has been open, Gordy tells me about an old encased...
Pork wings on a paper film in a basket at a restaurant

There’s Good Food on My Turf: Where to Eat on Highway 23

One of my favorites stories to tell about Highway 23 is the one about my job-shadowing day at KBJR, the NBC affiliate in the...

Jeff Petcoff on the Passion that Drives Duluth’s Corktown Deli and Brews

This is the second installment of the Scenic Routes series, done in collaboration with Chevrolet. You can find the first post, a guide to...
White cup of coffee and deck of cards on a marble table

But First, Coffee: Four Key Cafés From the St. Croix Trail to Little Sweden

You're on the road in the morning, and how do you survive that without a good cup of coffee? If you're taking the scenic route...

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