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Roller derby skater Moose Def-initely dances with robot mascot

Moose Def-initely Speaks About Her Derby Name(s), “Human Life,” and Getting Back After Injury

I first met Moose Def-initely about three years ago when I was just a wee der-baby skating with the North Star Roller Derby rec...

Til Valhöl! Now a Dagger Doll, Val Kyrie Plans a Thunderous Minnesota RollerGirls Debut

It's hard to believe only three years ago, Val Kyrie and I were drinking beer together out of the Golden Skate during a Minnesota...
Roller derby skater Scootaloo

The Number FU Stunner: Good Words with Scootaloo

At 21 years old, Scootaloo skated with the Minnesota Rollergirls for the first time. At 22, she was running the league's Public Relations branch....
Roller derby skater Brickyard collides with skater Jacked Pipes

Keepin’ it 400: Good Words with Brickyard

Depending on which team you're on, All-Galaxy jammer Brickyard has been either a godsend or the bane of your very existence since moving to...

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