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A man drives a Chevy truck up a Minnesota highway

A Look Back at the Minnesota Skinny in 2018 and Some Goals for 2019

As I’m scribbling the paragraph down, I’m stirring a pot full of lentils on my stovetop while freshly-roasted beets cool off nearby. On a...
The outer entrance of Gronk's Grill and Bar in Superior, Wisconsin

Food, Drinks, and the Friends I’ve Made Having Them: A Celebration

I wonder this about some of my favorite food writers, and maybe you wonder this about me: I see and read about where they’ve...
A legendary club sub from Hugo's Pizza restaurant in Duluth, Minnesota

This Ain’t No Fancy-Pants Bistro, This is Motherf*cking Hugo’s Pizza Number Two!

If you're visiting Duluth from the Twin Cities, you don't just hop on I-35 South to go home. That's for amateurs. You hop on Grand Avenue,...

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