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Roller derby skater Moose Def-initely dances with robot mascot

Moose Def-initely Speaks About Her Derby Name(s), “Human Life,” and Getting Back After Injury

I first met Moose Def-initely about three years ago when I was just a wee der-baby skating with the North Star Roller Derby rec...
A basketball on a wooden porch

Just Move the Timberwolves to Seattle Already

If you haven’t been following sports during the NBA off-season, or been following Minnesota news in general, word might have gotten past you that...

Til Valhöl! Now a Dagger Doll, Val Kyrie Plans a Thunderous Minnesota RollerGirls Debut

It's hard to believe only three years ago, Val Kyrie and I were drinking beer together out of the Golden Skate during a Minnesota...
Roller derby skater Brickyard collides with skater Jacked Pipes

Keepin’ it 400: Good Words with Brickyard

Depending on which team you're on, All-Galaxy jammer Brickyard has been either a godsend or the bane of your very existence since moving to...

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