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White cup of coffee and deck of cards on a marble table

But First, Coffee: Four Key Cafés From the St. Croix Trail to Little Sweden

You're on the road in the morning, and how do you survive that without a good cup of coffee? If you're taking the scenic route...
A sculpture made of old boomboxes at Franconia Sculpture Park

A Visual Tour of Franconia Sculpture Park

One of the first things you'll probably see when you pull up to the Franconia Sculpture Park is a wall made of boomboxes. What...
Coffee Talk, a coffee shop in Taylors Falls, with a forest in the background

Call it a Pre-Adventure: Hot Drinks and Comfortable Seats at Coffee Talk

Dear O., I hope this letter finds you well. As I write this, it's a Saturday in July. The sun is brilliant in Taylors Falls...
A man drinks a can of beer and looks out from a boat at rocks

What You’ll Get Exploring the St. Croix River by Paddleboat

“Left or right, your choice,” Ryan Ramaley announces over a loudspeaker as his boat advances on some poor schmuck who's canoeing right in the...

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